World Innovation Games
in Disaster Resilience

In parallel to the summit, the first World Innovation Games in the field will be held. Aimed at promoting engagement and innovation among all civil society actors, teams of citizens, students, researchers, practitioners, and other actors will compete for the most innovative and promising practices to strengthen resilience to disasters.

Through trials, challenges and solicitations, teams will have to demonstrate their innovative capacity to strengthen the resilience of a community and its components. Some of the aspects of vulnerability and resilience explored by the Games include population integrity, reliability of critical infrastructures, economic robustness, and institutions stability.

In a playful context, teams will compete to rank on the table of champions, win prizes and an entry on the honor roll that will be posted online for the occasion. A jury composed of members from the private, public, institutional and academic sectors will judge the performance of the teams. The work of the winning teams will be published on the websites of the Summit, the EGIDE Consortium and other partners.